Yoga for Everyone

Yoga on the beachI am Sarah Moss, a yoga teacher based in Ipswich, Suffolk. I have been attending a yoga class for 20+ years. I first started as something to do in an evening and realised the benefits very quickly with helping to deal with a very stressful job. As our daughter turned 2 she became very interested in yoga postures and started copying. I was a little concerned that her body shouldn’t be doing some postures so looked into a course about yoga for children. I came across ‘Yogabugs’, a London based company that runs courses to teach to children. So, I went and did the course in 2007. I thoroughly enjoyed this and started to teach a group of friends’ children and then moved into teaching in private nurseries. The yoga is based around an imaginative story, an adventure to help someone or some animal so a positive outcome and non-competitive. The yoga postures are not held or corrected. This is all done in a fun way with nursery rhymes and using the child’s imagination. We do warm up and cool down. Relaxation is so important in our busy lives. The thought, is that if you learn to relax at an early age then in times of stress your body will remember how to relax and manage stress better i.e. exams, school, changes in our lives, etc.

Kneeling yogaTeaching children enthused me to progress with my own yoga practice and to study with The British Wheel of Yoga to take my qualification to teach adults. I completed this in December 2012 and then went on to update my children's yoga qualification with a 6 month module with the BWY. I continue to keep my CPD up to date by attending workshop days with leading yoga teachers. This helps me to bring to my classes new interest and new ideas into our yoga practice.

I took a BWY Meditation Module and completed in 2016 with Maarten Vermasse and an 8 week Mindfulness course. This has given me the confidence to bring these two aspects into my classes.

In September 2018 I completed a course 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs'. This is a specific 12 week course that was put together by 2 yoga teachers, for a successful research (2007–2010) led by The University of York and Arthritis Research UK funded. I am now teaching my pilot course. Please look at the website and contact me if you wish to join a future course.

I completed a BWY module in 2019 in 'Yoga for people living with cancer', which is very close to my heart and hope to start a class and /or offer 1:1's in this area. During lockdown I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing yoga teachers online and take part in a 5 day course in Yin yoga which will now be included in my Thursday evening class on zoom.

Adult Classes

I have resumed some live classes but also staying with some zoom classes. In these changeable times please contact me about joining a class. My classes are all available to newcomers, very welcome. Thank you.

Prices do vary, as longer classes are more, and some classes that I took over from others are different too.

Monkey yogaAvailable to do children’s parties, taster sessions in schools and nurseries, and holiday cover for adult yoga classes.

Please contact me on 07796 198620 or at